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We are clear that just getting lots of visitors to your website is not an answer to meeting your business objectives. Acquiring relevant traffic and converting that traffic to leads or sales is key to your success.

Relevant Traffic Generation:
Although not sufficient, traffic generation is must for any website. However, getting 'relevant' traffic is the key. We are among the pioneers of the online marketing industry, we have developed an unmatched expertise in techniques for drawing relevant traffic to a website.

Today, numerous options for traffic generation exist but we believe that SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (Pay Per Click), areas of our core competencies, are the two most cost effective pillars for any online marketing strategy.

We understand that acquiring sufficient and relevant organic (i.e. SEO) traffic requires more than getting high rankings on major search engines. For e.g., your site may be ranked 1st on a particular keyword on Google but still the site ranked 2nd or 3rd drives more traffic. Similarly, your site may be ranked 1st on a particular keyword and still not generating sufficient traffic.

Our methodical approach starting from strategy creation to keyword research, which we empirically test out before moving to on-page optimization and link building, ensures that your site generates relevant and sufficient web traffic in the shortest possible time.

Again, we have been successfully executing PPC advertising campaigns for last 8 years. Whether it is running a campaign on a popular PPC program such as Google Adwords or buying media on an Ad Network, our approach will ensure that you are reaching out to the right customer segment with the right message at optimal price.

We ensure that before we start executing a campaign for you, we thoroughly understand your customers and create a strategy, which combines the right mix of technology, creativity and copyrighting so as to generate the desired outcome, which may be generating a lead, a subscription request or a sale.

Relevant Conversion:
What if you are able to generate sufficient (and relevant) traffic to your website but still do not have the business results you want? Don't worry; our work doesn't stop at getting relevant traffic.

With our proven conversion methodology, we will work with you so that the traffic that comes to your website converts. Conversion optimization is an integral part of our service whether we are doing SEO or PPC for you. While doing PPC, Landing page creation and optimization will be one of our key deliverables. In case of SEO, onsite conversion optimization will include refining the website navigation, messaging and enquiry forms.